About Niels Voll

My working experience is lengthy, wide and varied, from enterprise environments to small and medium businesses. As such I’ve worked with budgets from multi-million dollars to shoe-string and much in-between.

This includes work in the energy industry, financial services, healthcare and information technology. I’ve written Google and newspaper print ads, tweets, shareholder and board level presentations, technology strategy papers, database queries and computer programming code (albeit the latter two were quite a while ago). So my understanding of what makes a business go is quite inclusive. I’ve had occasion to get quite immersed in business activities including marketing, technology, finance and contracting, depending on what the situation and my role called for. And I’ve lead efforts for key information to flow between these efforts to make better overall business decisions.

Often I’ve been asked to come into a business situation when something needed to be started from scratch or when a project or a department was experiencing a difficult sitation – when something needed building or re-building.

As a result I’ve led, mentored and participated in a wide range of activities from refining branding, business models to key performance indicators. From developing or refining company websites and online advertising to crafting the IT technology infrastructure strategy, business systems and databases.

My professional experience began in a variety of technology and later management roles in large multi-national enterprises (80s and early 90s), then co-founding a start-up company (mid 90s to early 00s), which offered the occasion and need to think and participate in full cycle, bottom-line business thinking and activities from business models to marketing.

After that start-up was sold, I’ve been taking on selected consulting engagements of varying depth while incubating other business ideas and partnerships.

A very brief version of my professional CV goes a little like this: After graduating with a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary, I worked for a few years in IT departments in the Oil and Gas Industry, first with Imperial Oil / Esso / Exxon, later with TransCanada Pipelines, where over time I managed the IT group for the gas marketing subsidiary and several IT infrastructure departments (data administration, distributed data center, desktop technology R&D). Later I managed the software development department for NrG Information Systems, before eventually co-founding a small but internationally focused financial services software development company (Alterna Technologies Group), which eventually was acquired by a larger European based company, before that company itself was also acquired by a larger US based player, but that was well after my time.

After that I did some freelance consulting in financial services, helped a few smaller local companies with their web presence and online marketing and co-founded a small startup in the health care sector, which we ended up selling a few years later.